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Mirjana Gusic

Few months ago I have started my graduate students project at Institute of Human Genetics and have also recently joined the DINI team and started taking part in its activities.

During my previous education, I have always tried to go beyond the usual obligations and took part in many additional activities, often even outside my field of studies.

I have a wide range of interests and therefore would like to initiate additional activities and events. I think that good communication among colleagues and activities outside our projects would improve our PhD experience and overall our lives in Munich.  Also, being an international student, I am aware of the issues and struggles graduate students are dealing with, especially at the beginning, and I would be glad to help and give them some useful tips.

Finally, as Graduate Students’ Representative I would also take part in finding solutions to our common problems and improving overall conditions for graduate students at Helmholtz Zentrum München.




Mirjana Gusic
Institute of Human Genetics