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Statement of the CEO

HELENA has proven to serve as an ideal springboard for more than 370 graduate students considering careers in research, clinical practice, industry and management. To prepare the students to become employable and to fill lead positions, they are given the opportunity

  • to experience intensive scientific training in health and environment research
  • to engage with a multidisciplinary and international faculty
  • to obtain supervision and mentoring through a personal thesis committee
  • to work on translational projects with close linkage between basic and clinical research
  • to get access to cutting-edge platforms and  new technologies
  • to obtain a doctoral degree from one of the Munich excellence universities

Taken together, HELENA qualifies a new generation of internationally competitive graduate students. We will therefore continue to support HELENA as part of HMGUs comprehensive scientific education program and we will further advance the program towards training of physician scientists.

Prof. Günther Wess, CEO Helmholtz Zentrum München

Scientific Director

Prof. Günther Wess
CEO Helmholtz Zentrum München

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Ina Naumann
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