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01. March 2016

March 12-16: 16th Spring School Bioinformatics Bertinoro, Italy

The 16th edition of the Spring School of Bioinformatics will be held from March 12 until March 16, 2016. It is organized by the Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology of the Helmholtz Zentrum München (IBIS). The course is part of the Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health (HELENA) but open to other graduate students and post-graduates.

This year’s course aims for an introduction to the challenges and promises of foundations (bioinformatics), paradigms (systems biology), and applications (“Big Data”) in the life sciences. Given the data, we must be able to select the best therapy for the individual patient, the goal of personalized medicine. How to interpret data from the gut microbiome relevant for metabolic disorders? For complex diseases such as diabetes or schizophrenia, we need to identify causes and optimize antipsychotic treatment. There is a need for collaboration between experimentalists and bioinformaticians to collaborate on complex problems and large scale systematic programmes. What are the suitable concepts to tackle complex biology and genetics? What are the research areas that contribute to the translation of basic research into the clinic? These topics will be addressed in the course lectures. 

The course aims to provide a head start in this important interdisciplinary field by presenting basic concepts as well as recent applications. The intended audience are graduate students and junior scientists. Its main subjects will be the integration of information, biological networks, and concepts in Systems Biology. 

Further information

  • Flyer (pdf)
  • Date: March 12-16, 2016
  • Location: Bertinoro, Italy (close to Forli, about 40 km from Bologna)
  • Registration: Please register early since the number of available places is limited.
  • Participation Fee: For members of HELENA, the graduate school will cover the expenses for the spring school fees
  • Reservation: Please contact