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Thursdays 10 am, GAC seminar room

Colloquium Research Unit Molecular Epidemiology

Credit Points: 4.5 HE/term

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Biweekly, Mondays, 9 am seminar room 3533/231

Group Seminar of Research Group of Metabolism

Credit Points: 3.5 HE/term

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Tba, Building 35/33, Room 209

Journal Club Research Group of Metabolism

Credit Points: 5 HE/term

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Every Wednesday

Weekly work/ progress report (Work log)

Credit Points: 3.5 HE/term

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Thursdays, 13:30-15 pm, Building 56, Room 160

Forschungsseminar "Gesundheitsökonomie und Management"

Credit Points: 5.5 HE/term

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March 21th 2018; 9.15-11.45; HMGU, Building 33, “Kleiner Hörsaal”

Introduction to the burden of disease methodology – global and...

Credit Points: 0.5 HE

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Scientific Training Attendance Forms

The scientific training attendance forms should be submitted to the Graduate Student Office (GSO) after every term in April and October (1 term=1 Semester, 01 April - 30 September or 01 October - 31 March).



HELENA Course Template

If an Institute/Research Unit lecture, seminar, journal club, retreat or method course is not listed in the scientific training, please ask your supervisor to fill out the HELENA course template and send it to the GSO.