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06. April 2017

Journal Club Stem Cells in Neural Development and Disease

Thematic FieldNeuro and Stem Cell Biology
Course Number5001012
Target GroupScientists of the Centre, students of the graduate school 'Environmental Health' and partner universities
ContentsReports on latest developments in the research field (neurological and psychiatric diseases, stem cell biology, developmental biology).
Didactic Aim/CompetencesGetting to know new developments in the respective research fields by learning proper literature work; learning to interpret and implicate own research in context of new developments in the field.
Didactic ElementsShort presentation and discussion of latest publications
Type/SchedulePresentations / 1 hr every week
Work Load (hours)1 h
Credit Points3.5 HE/term
Date and PlaceTuesday 10:00-11:00; build. 35, seminar room
RegistrationRegistration- open to graduate students (mail at Sabrina Desbordes)
Lecturer in ChargeSabrina Desbordes / Wolfgang Wurst
LecturersMembers of the Desbordes Lab