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06. April 2017

Stem Cells and Cellular Plasticity Internal Seminar Series

Thematic FieldNeuro and Stem Cell Biology
Course Number5001025
Target GroupPhD students, postdocs, group leaders in Helmholtz Stem Cell community
ContentsInternal seminar series in Stem Cells and Cellular Plasticity
Didactic Aim/CompetencesPostdoc and PhD student presentations
Didactic ElementsPresentation and Discussion skills
Type/ScheduleFour times a year
Work Load (hours)4 h
Credit Points2 HE/term
Date and Place14:00-18:00, four times a year, Helmholtz Zentrum München Großhadern Campus
Number of Participants50-70
Lecturer in ChargeMaria Elena Torres-Padilla, Magdalena Götz, Wolfgang Wurst
LecturersPhD students and postdocs from stem cell and cellular plasticity community teams
Please note20 minute talks plus 10 minutes discussion per speaker. Open to Stem Cell and Cellular Plasticity community members